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SharePoint Branding and Design ExpertKONRAD ZAŁOGOWSKI

"Każdy projekt graficzny  można wdrożyć do SharePoint'a"

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Responsive Web Design
RWD - technika projektowania strony www, tak aby jej wygląd i układ dostosowywał się automatycznie do rozmiaru okna urządzenia, na którym jest wyświetlany (np. przeglądarki, smartfonów czy tabletów) 07:37

​Strona tworzona w takiej technice jest uniwersalna i wyświetla się dobrze zarówno na wielkich ekranach (np. Full HD), jak i na ekranach smartfonów czy tabletów.

Client-side rendering (JS Link)
JS Link is a new web part property in many SharePoint 2013 web parts.  It allows users and developers to create Client-Side Rendering (CSR) solutions within SharePoint 2013.
2014-09-23 07:36

​ In other words, it allows alternate formatting, data and functionality to be manipulated within a web part.  It is one approach that will help replace the data view web part (DVWP) functionality that was used in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010.

For example, CSR scenarios can edit how specific fields are displayed, how whole web parts are formatted and what functionality is available.  And these are just a few simple examples.  There is a lot of potential for what can be done.  My session at SPC12 just scratched the surface while others dug much deeper.

Something to note is that using JS Link to implement CSR functionality is easy and reversible.  If you don’t like what it’s doing to your web part you can easily change the JS Link property back (blank it out) and your web part will go back to it’s default format.

The CSR approach is more developer-focused than power user-focused.  There are, however, a few simple things that can be done that I think will be accessible to power-users that have some comfort level with code, specifically JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

CSS3 is the latest standard for CSS. CSS3 is completely backwards-compatible with earlier versions of CSS. HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. 07:58
Free Local Weather API
Free Local Weather REST API method allows developers and programmers to access current weather conditions and next 5 days of accurate and reliable weather forecast.
2014-09-23 07:37
2016-05-11 02:14


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